About Crab ‘n’ Lug

Crab ‘n’ lug is a newly formed online fishing bait company.

Crab 'n' Lug - Digging for black lugworm fishing bait on the beach

Our aim is to supply the angler and trade with the best quality fresh or frozen crab and lugworm at affordable prices.

Located in North Wales we are in the best position to collect our baits and only pick the best!

All fishing bait is locally sourced and hand dug by our team of pickers and frozen within hours to maintain freshness.  Unless fresh bait is required it is kept chilled until postage.

High Quality Fishing Baits

As experienced anglers ourselves, we are aware of how important it is to have the best quality baits on the hook and pride ourselves with customer satisfaction.

Customer feedback is what’s most important to us and anything we can do to improve our services please let us know.

Best Fishing Bait Prices

We are a new business and aim to guarantee anglers the very best crab & lugworm available at very competitive prices so please be patient with us while we grow.

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