Kvalvik Fishing Bait Attractors

Norwegian Quality

Kvalvik Fishing Bait is a sustainable high quality fish bait.  The cream is tailored for specific fish species, and is to be directly applied to the fishing tackle of your choice.

The Secret

Kvalvik Fishing Bait

Feeding stimulants studies of cod,halibut and salmon show remarkable results.  The behaviour of fish species changes when exposed to different odours!  We have uncovered what smells the different species prefer.

Long-Term Effect

A tube of kvalvik bait lasts up to 50 hours of intensive fishing.  This is due to the super concentrated formula. The formula is none-toxic and biologically degradable.The shelf life of the products is practically unlimited, even in room temperature after opening. Works for both fresh and salt water fishing.

Passion Driven

It was the true driven passion for fishing that made founder and CEO Svein Kvalvik start this adventure. Coming from Kvalvik, in lofted, his family has been engaged in fisheries for generations.

From the Arctic

We develop and manufacture researched based baits for anglers. Located on the harsh and clean Northern Norway, we are close to some of the best fishing grounds in the world as well as lending knowledge and experience within fisheries research.