Lugworm Bait for Fishing

Here at crab n lug we specialise in black lugworm and if it’s not black it’s not in the pack!

We can supply lugworm fresh or frozen depending on what you require.

Unlike other bait company’s we only supply one type of lugworm and they are quality welsh blacks that are all sourced from local beaches and hand dug by our team of diggers to ensure the best quality lugworm make the packets.

Due to tides and weather conditions, it is not always possible to carry a stock of fresh Blacks however if you can get your order in early in the week we will do our best to ensure your order is filled.

All of our lugworm are wrapped in 10’s unless there a bit smaller due to the tides then they have up to 12 a packet they are then wrapped with sawdust and frozen or kept chilled.

The worm are ready to use straight out of the packet if fresh or after defrosting if frozen.

Black lugworm is a good all round bait and can be used on its own or with other baits all year round and is a great bait for cod in the winter and bass in the summer months.

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