illex Dirty Squid


illex Dirty Squid

illex Dirty squid is in its natural form and is a good all round bait for summer or winter fishing!

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illex Dirty Squid

illex Dirty squid is how it comes, just full of its own natural juices which are great for attracting fish. Unlike boxed squid it’s not bleached, jet washed or tampered with.

illex Dirty Squid is supplied in handy vac packs containing 2/3 whole squid’s which are much bigger than Loligo or calamari squid and go a long way when used in strips.

Its ready to be used soon as defrosted, And a great all round bait either used on its own or in a cocktail. It can prove deadly for the cod during the winter months when wrapped with lugworm.

Average pack contents 1lb

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