Falkland’s Loligo Squid (Unwashed)


Falkland’s Loligo Squid (Unwashed) is squid in its freshest and most pure form, being the sea anglers must have bait with it being perfect for all year round fishing, supplied in handy vac packs its ready to use soon as defrosted.

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  • Falkland’s Loligo Squid (Unwashed)

Falkland’s Loligo squid (unwashed) is an essential all year round bait for most keen sea anglers, Be it from shore or boat you should have Loligo squid for every session. Every fish in the sea from the tiniest whitening to the largest of rays and sharks will soon be hooked when offered squid baits.

Being in its most natural form Loligo squid is not bleached or washed unlike calamari so it therefore retains all its natural scent and juice’s, just what any fish prowling in front of your rods will be looking to eat.

Falkland’s Loligo Squid (unwashed) sizes range from 5″to 8″ which makes them ideal hook bait size that can be used whole or in a cocktail with other baits.

Average contents 350g 

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