Frozen Bluey’s (Pacific saury)


Frozen Bluey’s (Pacific saury)

CRAB N LUG Frozen Bluey’s (pacific Surey) are a great all round bait,They are vac packed in handy packets of 3 and are between 8-12” in size. Soon as there defrosted you can use them filleted whole or in strips.

Frozen Bluey (Pacific Surey) are fast becoming an essential bait for fishing the UK and have accounted for plenty of specimen fish.

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Frozen Bluey’s (Pacific Saury)

Frozen Bluey (Pacific saury) is the perfect bait for targeting big fish species like rays, huss and conger pacific saury or bluey as its more commonly known is a very oily fish species with a potent scent.

Once in the water Bluey’s will release oils and scent out into the running tide attracting the attention of any hungry fish in the area, drawing them to your bait’s ensuring you have the best possible chance of catching.

Bluey can be used whole in fillets or strips it just need’s defrosting and its ready to use.

Frozen Blueys (Pacific Surey) are also an essential item to have in your bait collection when travelling abroad to Norway, Iceland etc with anglers heading over there proving time and time again that those jumbo cold water cod can’t resist a bit of bluey.



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