Herring Vac – Packed in 3’s ready to use soon as defrosted whole, filleted or in strips.


Fresh and Frozen fishing bait

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Herring can be used in a number of different ways, Small strips can be used  for small fish such as whiting and dab, larger strips for fish such as rays, bass and conger. When targeting large conger or other big fish Herring can be filleted the same way as mackerel or even used whole, Being a very oily fish Herring releases plenty of scent making it a great bait for sea fishing.

The flesh of the Herring is a little softer than that of the Mackerel and it’s a good idea to secure  Herring to the hook with bait cotton, A good bonus of Herring is that it’s shiny, scaly skin will glitter in clear water and provide an added attraction which will work especially well when targeting flatfish.


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